Active non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria in 2017: a report of Open Society Institute - Sofia


April 2017


The typical active non-governmental organization (NGO) in Bulgaria is small, based in the capital city or another district city, with limited financial resources, dependent on available project financing, with a small team of few but highly skilled members, who often do voluntary labour and who are ready to uphold the democratic rights and freedoms of citizens. These are some of the observations reflected in the report titled Active Non-governmental Organizations in Bulgaria in 2017 that has been prepared by Open Society Institute – Sofia.
The report finalized in April 2017 is based on a range of information sources including data from a quantitative survey carried out among 785 active NGOs in the period January - February 2017 as well as from the analysis of documents in the Central Register of Public-benefit Non-profit Legal Entities with the Ministry of Justice.
Almost half of the active NGOs interviewed for the purpose of this report shared that in 2016 their annual expenditure accounted for less than BGN 20 000. Two-thirds of the organizations altogether had annual expenditure of up to BGN 100 000. Organizations with an annual budget of more than a million BGN account for less than 1% of the respondents.
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