Bulgarian Households and the Economic Crisis Part III is under Way


February 2011


The third stage of the case study Bulgarian Households and the Economic Crisis is about to begin under the leadership of the Open Society Institute - Sofia in cooperation with the World Bank. The study will take place during February-March 2011 and will be based on interviews with members of a representative sample of 2,700 households from around Bulgaria.
The former stage of the study finished at the end of 2010 and the results were presented at a special press-conference in December the same year. The results of the second stage of the study showed a decrease in the negative impact of the crisis on Bulgarian households. However, the fraction of households forced to cut on food, healthcare and education expenditures due to financial difficulties and decreased incomes remained relatively high.
The detailed results and analyses from Bulgarian Households and the Economic Crisis – Part II can be found in the last issue of Politiki from December 2010.


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