About us
The OpenData sociology team of the Open Society Institute – Sofia was founded in 2005 as a statistical data analysis department to aid the Public Policies program and the Expert Analysis Bulgarian civil society. In 2007 the team expanded and established a country-wide interviewer network including coordinators from all regional city centers in the country. Almost all of the interviewers of the Open Society Institute – Sofia network have completed tertiary education or are university students at the time of participation. A big advantage of the OSI’s interviewer network is that relatively 15% of all interviewers and regional coordinators belong to one of the ethnic minority groups present in the country, which allows for the even bigger legitimacy of the surveys conducted.
Sticking to the ideological mission and goals of the Institute, the team specializes in examining and analyzing the political and economic moods in the country, the civil society and civic rights, minority group relations, public politics, education in schools, public healthcare, media environment, internal order and judicial reforms in Bulgaria.
The OSI team has a substantial experience in qualitative as well as quantitative data collection methods, and offers the following services:
  • Desk research
  • Content analysis
  • Direct observation/interviews
  • Indirect observation/telephone interviews
  • Mental mapping
  • Focus group discussions
  • In-depth interviews
  • Standard face-to-face interviews
  • Individual survey/mail-in survey/self-completion questionnaire
  • Exit poll
  • Quick count
Depending on the essence of the survey and the needs of the client, the OSI team can offer the most appropriate research sample from among the following:
  • Stratified cluster sample of randomly-selected addresses
  • Random sample from among a specified address list
  • Random GPS sample of the regions out of regulation
  • Quota quantitative sample
  • Typological/Quantitative sample
The Open Society Institute periodically conducts omnibus surveys with the following parameters:
Random two-stage cluster sample, representative of the adult population of the country (aged 18 and over), size N=1000 respondents. Standard Face-to-Face interview in the home of the respondent. Maximum standard error: +/- 2.8%.


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